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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Am I a Morning Person?

My alarm was set for 6:45am this morning so I had time to prepare myself for classes at 9am. That may sound ridiculous to most of you, but I like to set my alarm early so I can properly wake myself up in the next 15-20 minutes. Therefore, I know I am not wasting time and still have time to get ready.

I have had the strangest morning ever. I woke up when my alarm went off, had a shower so I was ready to start the day early and get to classes on time. I got dressed and packed my bag. As soon as I knew, it was 10am... I had fallen back to sleep but dreamt that I was on my way to university. It was extremely weird and slightly distressing.
After properly waking up, I had texts from my friends asking where I was. Still very confused at this point, I did not know what to reply. In the end, I explained what had happened and how I was still half asleep (I was texting with one eye open, whilst the other was incapable of opening up yet).
I am now, finally, fully awake (well, just) and decided to take the day off of university, as I have already missed half of the day, and do a lot of work at home.

I think I am so tired because I have been busy every day of the holidays, mainly teaching. I would only be there 3 or 4 hours a day, but trust me it definitely does tire you out. Also including the travelling there and back, you need at least 30 minutes each way.
It is currently 11:00am and I am still yet to get out of bed but writing this post with my university work, half done, to my right is making me feel less guilty. I am dreaming of a nice hot drink in my hand with some fruit or cereal to go with it.

Mornings can be weird. 
I feel it is a lot easier getting up naturally without an alarm ringing constantly in your ear until you can be bothered to get up and shut it up. Without an alarm, I normally wake up around 8am which is a perfect time for me as I can have another hour or so to relax and slowly get ready for the day. I love those days where I wake up early and ready to face the day by 10am. I feel productive and not wasting the day. I speak to a lot of people who can sleep in until the afternoon hours, which in my head is impossible for me, unless I am ill. Not hangovers though, I wake up earlier when I am hungover...which makes no sense in my head.

Netflix and Spotify are my two morning favourites. One is always on whilst I get ready or just chilling before going out; whether it's catching up on the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars (currently obsessed with it) or listening to my top playlists.

At university, if you are in dorms, I think it is a lot easier to become a bit lazier because you don't have many places to go. At home, however, you have a living room and a proper kitchen to go down to. I think that is what I miss whilst living in dorms. I miss the other places you can go to to relax.
However, I think this is what makes me get up and go out. The fact that there is no place in the flat to sit down and have a nice breakfast, or a hot drink. China has soooo many cafes around which do nice breakfasts, such as waffles..they were to die for! And it is all reasonably cheap so you know you won't have to spend much to get a easy breakfast.

Mornings can vary so much. Sometimes I am motivated to wake up early and start the day with a positive start. And then there are those days where you feel like lazing around and doing as little as possible. This morning it was tipping it down and just very a miserable atmosphere so I think staying in was a good idea.  So am I a morning person? Yes and no, I think. Depending on the day and my plans of the day, it can range. But, I will never be one of those people who stay in bed after 12pm. I definitely could not do that and will never become one.

A beautiful morning in Colorado, USA

What about you? Are you a morning person?

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