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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Tips On Travelling With A Tight Budget

When I went travelling last year I was eager to find ways to save a few pennies and blog posts helped me do so. So here I am giving you some guidance on travelling with a tight budget. It's the worst situation when you find out you've overspent on a few things and start running out of money half way through your trip, but you won't have any worries if you do it the right way and cut down on a few expenses like accommodation.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

All About My Photos Q&A

I didn't go out of my way to ask all of you what you want to know, just because I didn't think many people would be interested (if you want to know something then let me know and I'll include it in this post). However, I get asked many questions in regards to my photos; how I edit them, what tools I use to edit them, questions regarding my Instagram photos, etc. So here I am answering them all in one post for once and for all - I'm pretty sure I've answered the question what editing tools I use to create my photos at least 20-30 times.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

5 Lifestyle Changes I NEED To Make This Year

Some things in my life, and maybe yours too, are not how I want them to be and they need to be changed and thrown in the bin never to come back again. I want some major lifestyle changes this year and to go back to my healthier and happier self.

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

3 Ways To Change Up Writing A Blog Post

Life will eventually get boring if you end up doing the same things, the same way, in the same place. I think it's time to mix it up a bit and give you ways to "spice up your life". Let's not allow ourselves to fall out of love of what we love doing.

Sunday, March 04, 2018

February Round Up & March Goals

So that was a pretty crazy start to welcome the new season, right?! It's funny how this country reacts to a storm like storm Emma, some places it's understandable but others it's a little bit of an overreaction. Although it is amazing that yesterday it was -1 degree and we were wrapped up in our gloves and scarves, and today it's nearly 10 degrees and I'm wearing just a light jumper. Does that mean spring is around the corner? I am so ready for spring, warmer weather, less layering up and the pretty nature (especially all the bluebells!!)

Thursday, February 08, 2018

5 Tips You Should Know Before Going To Hanoi, Vietnam

This isn't to put anyone off going to Hanoi or Vietnam in general, it's more of a guide of what you should know/be aware of when visiting this city. These are all related to my experience as well.
I couldn't recommend going to Hanoi more if I wanted to. It was a big highlight of my travels in 2017 and I would go back tomorrow if I could. However, not every city/country is a smooth journey and Hanoi definitely has some bumps and cracks along the way. I suggest you continue reading if you are planning on going to Hanoi anytime soon as these will save you a bit of disappointment. These are also things that I wish I was prepared for when entering this chaotic city.

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