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Tuesday, April 04, 2017

How to Spend an Evening at Home

Had a busy day? Want to relax for the evening at home or feeling a little productive? Here is how you can spend your evening.

Watch a movie
There's nothing better than putting your favourite film on, getting a drink and a few snacks, and cozying up on the sofa. In the winter, light the fire, burn a few candles and wrap up in your big warm blanket; there's no better feeling.

Work out those muscles
This doesn't have to sound as painful as it does. Why not get your yoga mat out and stretch out those muscles to leave you relaxed for a good night's sleep ahead, or even do some mediation (if that's your kinda thing). If you're extra keen then put on a youtube exercise video and work those muscles until you collapse and can't move. You may wake up with a few aches here and there but that's a sign you did a job well done!

Listen to music and whack out those dance moves
Get ahead of the game and practise those dance moves ready for the next night out with your friends. Let's face it, everyone has times when they do something like this (especially if you're home alone); it's a great time to act like no one is watching (because no one is watching).

Read a book 
Maybe with a little bit of soothing music in the background on low volume, sit and read a book. Whether it's your recent buy, or a classic, this is a good time to do it if you have nothing better to do.

Relax with a bubbly bath 
Or just a bath if you don't like the bubbles. Enjoy a warm, scented bath with your favourite tunes blasting out loud. Add your chosen bath bombs, gels,

Bake some delicious cookies 
Chef it out (is that an expression?!) and bake some cookies, cakes, any of your favourite desserts...there's no better smell than a fresh-baked smell!

How do you spend evenings at home?

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