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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Why Japan Fascinates People

Ok, maybe it's not for everyone, but there is something about Japan and it's vibrant culture which makes it seem like a whole new world. There are many reasons to why it is a popular choice for travellers and expats.

1) Environment 
Living in a city like Shanghai, you don't tend to get much "fresh" air. Going from Shanghai to Tokyo was an incredible feeling to actually get a sense of how badly pollution can have an affect on the way you are breathing. Japan is insanely clean and a well-maintained country. The streets are pristine, cleaners everywhere, no smoking in public (they actually have smoke rooms everywhere instead), no spitting on the ground or gum on the's a new world.

1.1) Gardens, Parks, Temples, Blossoms...
With hundreds of options to choose from, Japanese gardens and parks are a wonderful way to get away from the city madness. With bamboo forests going on for miles, pristine pathways to walk down, temples here and there to look around; it's a day well spent. The nature here is so well treated and always being maintained. The beautiful colours will stand out in any picture, scenery in Japan (especially in Spring time!)

2) The People
Japanese people tend to be quite reserved people. They will keep to themselves, not make anyone feel uncomfortable by constantly staring at you because you are a different nationality to them (unlike Chinese). They are incredibly friendly and polite, they definitely make you feel welcome into their country. They will go out of their way to help you get around.

3) Technology 
Obviously everyone knows Tokyo is the city of technology. You don't get/see half the things in other countries that you do here. Heated toilets on a cold day is heaven, robots taking your order, lifts going at 1000mph (not really), vending machines everywhere (and I mean EVERYWHERE); it's everything you could really ask for and more. Sadly we didn't get much time to witness all the amazing technology as we only had a short week trip here :(

4) Transport
Linking into environment, the transport in Japan is generally well kept. It isn't just because of the daily cleaners, but also how well the public respect the areas. Everyone plays their part to keep Japan clean and it is definitely paying off. 
The transport industry is vast; taxis to metros to bullet-trains to truly has it all. Bullet trains can cut down a journey to more than half the time than the original time in a standard train, how mad is that?!

5) Shopping/Fashion
What's better than shopping through streets of mixed, wacky and funky shops and experiencing the vibrant fashion that Japan has created. Japanese fashion is a big industry, growing bigger each year. Was you wear can give you a statement. The crazy, wacky, weird outfits which you see around is the norm here and what is amazing is that no one judges which must give them such a confidence boost! 

6) Food
Not being a fan of noodles (what all Japanese dishes really are), I thought I would struggle, but Japanese has many popular dishes; mainly known for its noodle dishes, curries (you can't go wrong with a Katsu Curry, the real thing!), sushi...all from the original country.

Have you been to Japan? Would you like to visit someday?

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