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Thursday, February 01, 2018

January Round Up & February Goals

Well, January is finally over - dragged on a bit didn't it? It felt like it lasted for months and months. If each month will be as slow as January then we're in for a long ride this year. 

I didn't stick to some of my January goals as much as I would have liked to but I'm determined to have more self-control this year and really focus on my mental state and being happier with myself. 
I managed to get a job at the start of this month, not anything serious but it's a start and I'm incredibly proud of myself for making a little step forward in life. The end of 2017 was not a great one so starting off 2018 the way I have has left me feeling a lot more positive. 

Some goals this month are more like things I want to do instead of things I want to achieve, more like a to-do list. I thought maybe writing them as part of this blog post would remind myself to do them and give me a kick in the butt. 
So what goals have I lined up for myself to achieve/do for the next month?

Less time online 
When I say "online" I really mean spending less time on my laptop. Blogging is an online job so taking more time offline than on is not a clever move if you want to stick to it. 
My laptop is like my baby; it comes everywhere with me, and that's just around the house. I don't mean when I go shopping or out on day trips, I'm not that attached. I wake up and immediately go to my laptop, take it downstairs with me to the sofa, have it in bed before I sleep - it's just a little too much and so it needs to stop. I need to give myself some more room to breathe and not spend as much time as I do currently online, because about 25% of it is to do with blogging, the other 75% is to do with youtube, online shopping and my personal social media. I realise at the end of the day that I haven't really accomplished anything from being on my laptop for that period of time. 

Reach 1000 followers on Instagram
I've never been crazy about the statistics on my social medias or my blog but it's nice to know you're getting somewhere with it from your followers building up and up. Lately I have really been putting all my energy into making my Instagram a place that I'm proud to own (maybe that's a cheesy way of saying it but you get the drift). From all this work being put into it I might as well have a goal for the time being. I currently have around 750 followers so reaching 1000 by the end of February is looking unlikely but I've got to push myself every now and then, and I'm doing just that. 
*cough* follow my Instagram here *cough* 

Look after my skin properly 
Something I've never been good at taking care of and struggle sticking to a daily routine. My skin has been in quite a good condition for a long time now - I think ever since I stopped wearing foundation it has had time to breathe and clear up. However, there is still room for improvement and I would love to have smoother-looking skin. Even if I start just applying an exfoliation every night or apply a face mask once or twice a week will be a good start. So that's what my goal is to start off with. Hopefully from doing this I can add in a proper routine every evening and even start morning routines, but let's stick to the basics for now. Too much attention to your skin can cause some harm. 

Reorganise my room 
Since my mum bought me some plants the other day I've wanted to completely reorganise my room. It's amazing what two small plants can make me do! But in reality I do want a big clear out, refurbish, and basically a new room. This will take a lot of time and work to do so for now I want to stick to just reorganising. And by reorganising I mean sorting through my storage spaces and throwing things out which have been hiding in the cupboards for a while now and haven't been used for about a decade. Perhaps I'm becoming a hoarder...

So, to summarise, my goals are either too challenging, pointless or a lot of work...that's how goals work right?

What goals do you have in store for February?

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