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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Favourite Summery UK Things

There are many things about summer which make me 100x happier than when it's winter...the sun is one of them. My mood escalates, early mornings are easier, everything just seems to be an easier task. I think the summer in the UK is underrated and thought of negatively. It isn't so hot that we burn ourselves everyday, dread going out and doing activities for the day, it's never so cold that we don't enjoy going outside and have to layer up if we's just right.

Summery drinks
Let's be honest, a summer in the UK wouldn't be complete without a nice glass of Pimms, or as some of us call it Pimms o'clock. On a warm summers evening a Pimms always fits in perfectly, and it's so tasty and refreshing, a nice way to cool you down on a hot day. My mum makes the best Pimms, although occasionally a little too strong for my liking, haha.

BBQ evenings
One of my favourite parts about summer is having a deliciously cooked BBQ in the garden. BBQ food is the B E S T and I always get so hyped up when we decide the weather is good enough to have one for dinner. I just love the concoctions and the different foods. Also, my dad whacks out his chef skills and makes amazing BBQs. AH I CAN'T WAIT!

Family day outs
With the glorious summer weather we often get, it opts for an adventurous day out with the family; a day filled with sunshine, new places and your family? Yes please. Whether this is a walk along the canal, or an escape to the city of Bath (because Bath looks 100% more appealing in the summer). Obviously these days usually happen on the weekends because everyone's at work during the week but if my sister and I have a day off, we'll sometimes choose to venture out for the day.

Beer gardens
Even if it's not to indulge into a pint of beer (because I personally hate beer), the atmosphere and long, warm evenings make it so worth it. An evening spent with your favourite people, just chilling out and enjoying a few drinks is a great one. There is such a wide range of choice around county is a pub heaven.

Positive moods all round
There's something about the change of season to Summer which improves the attitudes of people. Everyone comes out happier, the streets get busier, sunglasses and hats being worn and positive vibes are all around. I genuinely can't wait to indulge in a BBQ, crack open the Pimms, spend quality time with my family and catch up with all my friends.

What are your favourite things about summer?

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