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Sunday, June 04, 2017

The Importance of Setting Self-Goals

Having time in life to focus on yourself and you're achievements should take priority over most things. These goals will motivate you to keep going and produce great outcomes in life. Doing this will boost your confidence and allow you to continue believing in yourself that you can still do it.

I've always had in my mind of places I wanted to go to, things I wanted to do and achieve but never really thought "hey, why not set myself goals to achieve these things?" It's never really sprung to my mind the importance of setting yourself some goals. After reading self goals related posts, I'm finally understanding how and why goals are crucial to have in your life.

These "goals" can be anything of your own creation. It can be something you've been wanting to do for a long time, or a grade you're wanting to get for an essay or assignment, perhaps you're aiming to save money for your next travels and have a money target in mind you want to reach. Literally anything.

So why is setting goals important?
It gives you that extra drive you need to cross that finishing line. And let's face it, you'll feel good when you do.
It will help maintain your productivity level. Having goals will motivate you to be productive which will move you towards the end point.
It's realising YOU have the ability to reach these goals and make yourself proud.
Goals will give you the energy and positive attitude to wake up everyday and crush it. Say to yourself "I've got this" and make the most out of the day, working that little bit closer towards that goal.

When setting the goals...
Make them achievable and realistic. You want to be able to reach them with a challenge, not with  a chance of impossibility.
Set a deadline. Make yourself work for this goal in a limited time period. There's no point in setting a goal for 3 years'll probably forget about it, I know I would.
Take note and stick to it. Write the goals down somewhere and present them somewhere around your room or workspace where you can see them everyday and be reminded of them.

This really inspiring and motivating quote I found is from Bill Copeland:
"The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score."

Do you think it's important to set self-goals? 

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