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Thursday, June 01, 2017

My All-Time Favourite Blogs

Obviously this list could go on forever because there are so many amazing blogs out there doing SO well, but these are the blogs that I have been a fan of since day one. So I have easy access to these blogs and lots of other fabulous blogs, I have made a bookmark folder dedicated to my favourites, the list currently is at 62. Maybe I will make a post dedicated to all the blogs that are in this folder, split into specific categories.

A Girl, Obsessed
Mandy's blog was one of the first blog's I came across and it is fair to say I've been addicted ever since. Mandy shares EVERYTHING you need to become a pro blogger, perfect your beauty routines, ace your photography and lots more. I love the layout of her blog and the simplicity of it all. I can't tell you how many times this blog has helped me out with my own blog, literally a lifesaver. 

With Love, Celeste
Celeste's blog is a hub of positivity, posts sharing her personal stories and college experiences, and fun series which she explains further on her blog. She describes her blog as 'her letter to the world' which is a lovely way of putting it. I don't think there has been one post on her blog which I have read and not absolutely loved! I'd definitely go and have a read of her blog, it's something special. Also go and check out her Instagram as her photos are gorgeous, which you can get a taste of through her blog photography. 

Sophie's blog is so unique and a wonderful place to find creative, truthful and positive content. Her blog is so inspirational and I'm sure you'll agree with me in saying we're all very envious. Her posts are all unique full with beautiful photos. 

Recently relaunching her blog, I've found myself hopping over a few times a day to read the next post. I just love her style of writing, her photos are beautiful and her content is right up my street. Her personal posts are a favourite of mine and I'm sure if you have a read they will soon become yours. 

Obviously I can't forget the queen of blogging right now that is Gemma. She has all kinds of colourful content which I love and she's just such a lovely, down to earth woman. If you are ever having a down day Gemma's blog is the place to go to, or even her social media which is full of positivity, bright colours and lovely comments. Her designs are particularly something to look out for, which you can find at her Easy store. 

How could I forget Poppy? She is one of my favourite bloggers/people because of her bubbly personality, I just love her. Her blog is beautiful, her photographs are stunning, her style of writing is so her and I always enjoy reading a new post from hers. I am also so envious of her fashion style!

Which blogs are your all-time favourite blogs?

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