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Sunday, May 14, 2017

5 Reasons Why You're Lacking Productivity

Ever question those days/periods where you have no energy to do anything productive and just spend the day lazing around? Obviously, we all deserve to relax every now and then but so you ever wonder why, when it comes to work or doing something for the day, why you're lacking productivity?
Here's a few reasons why:

Lack of sleep
Either you had a restless night's sleep of slept for less time than you should have. Getting enough sleep is so important to allow your body to function properly and to help you gain enough energy to be active the next day. You should be making this a priority.

No food in your system
Maybe you've missed a meal in the last 24 hours or didn't consume enough calories to increase you energy level. Make sure you are getting your 3 meals a day and have a balanced diet.

Untidiness of workplace
Having an untidy workplace will instantly affect your productivity. It means taking longer to get yourself ready to do work and possibly having a delay in getting things done.

Thinking negative or having a negative attitude will affect the work you're producing and your mental state during the time.

Poor time management 
A poor time management can mess up your days work. Working off schedule can cause you to miss deadlines, rush your work, and possibly produce poor work.

Try and fix these factors and you may start to see a change to your productivity level.

How do you stay productive?

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