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Thursday, May 11, 2017

10 Blog Things I'm Happy About Right Now

Being the owner of a blog which hundreds and thousands of people visit over time puts a little bit of pressure on you. You want your blog to stand out, produce quality content and, to constantly be involved in the blogging community and what's happening 24/6 over social media (which plays a big part of your blog).

Of course my blog is not perfect and that's okay for me, for now. There will always be room for improvements and I have days where my blog doesn't look it's best and others where I couldn't be happier with it. At the moment, I am very happy with my blog and beyond after having a few alterations. A blog will have positives and negatives to it and it's good to keep those in mind for future changes. Here are a few things I'm happy with at the moment:

1) My blog presentation 

2) The content being produced

3) Blog Statistics 

4) Organisation through social media/planning posts and scheduling them 

5) Engagement with my social media

6) Connecting with other bloggers

7) My blog and Instagram photography 

8) How I've categorised my blog posts

9) The colour scheme of my blog

10) My editing technique for Instagram photos

I am really happy with the engagement and connection I've had with my blog in the past few months, bringing lots of new content to this blog every week. It's a great skill to have to write about what you love in a way which attracts the attention of others and I hope to keep this up. Realising the positives of your blog ever so often is a great boost for motivation to keep blogging!

What are you happy about with regards to your blog?

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